Quirky and capricious Fawn Birchill is the proud owner of The Curious Cat Book Emporium in West Philadelphia, but unfortunately, business isn’t exactly booming.


In her desperation to keep her store afloat, Fawn cycles through disgruntled employees, wages a cold war on the newer (and admittedly shinier) bookstore down the street, and nearly causes the permanent downfall of her self-proclaimed “last great American bookstore“.

Soul-searching isn’t Fawn’s forte, but even she can’t deny that it’s time to dig deep if she ever wants to take back ownership of her life as well as her business.


Recovering alcoholic Lena Costello is ready for a new life. After years in prison and a short stint in a halfway house, she buys a new home in rural Pennsylvania with money from her defunct plant nursery business.


This quiet town appears by all accounts a perfect haven away from her dark past until she meets Vanessa, the mother of a missing boy. As their friendship develops she learns that not all in this town is as it seems.

As she settles into her new life, Lena finally begins to regain control. To heal. But as she becomes further enmeshed in the town's secrets, she realizes this halcyon life is a mere illusion as the case of the missing boy becomes immediate and frighteningly familiar.

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